Review: Showtime To Premiere Deep Web Docuseries Dark Net In January

Dark Net is described as an exploration of the netherworld where virtual and physical lives collide, revealing"a more ominous and disturbing perspective of a digitally connected world where our every action is collected and stored, Showtime says.

The series is developed and produced by Vocativ, a technology and media company that applies exclusive proprietary technology to search and monitor the deep web, the 80 percent of the internet that lies beyond the reach of regular search engines.

Originally used as a hidden space for the intelligence community to meet online outside of the general public’s eye, the dark web is now being exploited by a dangerous underworld of cyber predators and criminals. Showtime says in its description.

Dark Net unveils the dangers of its unchecked shadow, raising cautionary, thought-provoking conversations about technology, privacy and how new, ever-expanding platforms are changing the way we live for the better and for worse.