Review: Jack Reacher vs The Hobbit, Box Office Battle

With The Hobbit sitting comfortably in the number one slot this weekend, four films are poised to compete for the box office bucks necessary to knock it from the throne. All of which makes it unlikely that Gandalf and his crew won’t still be king of the Misty Mountain next weekend, too.

But if any the movies opening this week might threaten the dwarves and their cinematic gold, Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher is the likeliest contender. The gritty, action thriller Jack Reacher is named for the title character in a long-running series of adventures by novelist Lee Child.

A kind of modern day, high-functioning Rambo, Reacher is an ex-soldier with no real roots in the world, traveling from city to city as he’s constantly pulled back into the world of American espionage.

Written and directed by the great Christopher McQuarrie, Jack Reacher sees Tom Cruise cast in a role that’s poised to replace the dying Bourne franchise in the category of Movies Named After Their Heroes. A grounded, down and dirty actioner, Jack Reacherhas more than a dozen published novels to draw from for future sequels.

Less grounded the epic, FX driven fantasy The Hobbit continues its quest through Middle Earth, having pocketed well over a $100 million internationally in just its first week of release.

Runiting several of the characters from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit tells the story of Bilbo Baggins long before the formation of the legendary Fellowship that swept away his beloved Frodo.